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Passion fruit vines grow on many soil types but light to heavy sandy loams with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 are the most suitable. Also, the soil should be rich in organic matter and low in salts. If the soil is too acidic, lime must be applied. Because the vines are shallow rooted, they will benefit from a thick layer of organic mulch. Well-drained soil is essential. Otherwise, root problems develop that soon destroy these plants. Passion fruit has a superficial root system (60% of the roots located within 30 cm of the surface). So it is important that there is no impedance to root growth in the top 60 cm. Passionfruit can be grown on a range of soils, sandy to clay loams. In general, it is recommended that the soil should be deep, relatively fertile and well drained. Poorly permeable soils with high clay content, subject to flooding, are not recommended. The best soils are sandy clay. For good growth, it is recommended that the soils have neither impermeable, rocky or hardened layers, nor a water table at less than 2 m to avoid the appearance of dry rot. The availability of an adequate supply of oxygen is of fundamental importance for good root development of the plant. Oxygen deficiency results in roots losing their structure, and they may quickly rot. Poor soil aeration may be induced by soil compaction or flooding. Soils subject to flooding favor the occurrence of root diseases. Flat and smoothly undulated lands (gradients less than 8%) are most suitable because crop management, mechanization, harvest and soil cultivation and conservation are facilitated. On steeper slopes (in the range of 8 to 30%), besides erosion control measures (including levelling to create terraces, etc.), irrigation and/or fertigation are more difficult. In very steep areas, passionfruit should be grown individually and the soil constantly replenished to maintain a natural soil covering.


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