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Pineapple Research Station - R & D

Sat, 13/09/2014 - 9:54pm -- prsvkm

Annual Reports 2010-11 | 2011-12 | 2012-13 | 2013-14 | KSCSTE 2012-15 | 2014-15 | 2015-16 | 2016-17

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Pineapple Research Station over the years   2018

Farm Advisory Council: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5

Pineapple Research Station: Vision 2030   PDF | Vision 2050

Proposal for development of Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam    PDF

Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam – 2012    PDF

Organic production of banana     PDF


Fruits as a functional food

Microbiological and chemical testing of food items

Non-thermal process- pulsed electric fields, pulsed light, ionizing radiation and high hydrostatic pressure

Plant tissue culture contaminants identification and its response to fumigation

Fruit processing technology

Pineapple                              Vision 2050

All about Pineapple              Pineapple Resource Book

Guidelines and action plan for comprehensive development of pineapple sector

Pineapple Sector Development Outlook  PPT

Pineapple Technology     PDF

Protocol for pineapple “Kerala Mauritius” variety for export to shorter duration (15-18 days)    PDF

Ad-hoc recommendation for organic production of the pineapple variety 'Mauritius'    PDF

Pineapple sector in Kerala: Status, opportunities, challenges and stakeholders    PDF    PPT

Economics of pineapple cultivation in Kerala    PDF

Benefits and uses of pineapple    PDF

Multiple uses of pineapple in food industries   PDF  FOOD & BEVERAGE NEWS

Production technology for Vazhakulam pineapple (Mauritius)    PDF

Production technology for pineapple variety 'Kew'    PDF

Pineapple Nutrition       Nutritional deficiencies

Ethephon - All you want to know

Evaluation of fungicide Samarth (Hexaconazole 2% SC) against collar rot of pineapple 2010-11

Diseases of pineapple (Ananas comosus): Pathogen, symptoms, infection, spread & management   PDF

Fruits, benefits, processing, preservation and pineapple recipes      PDF

Harvesting and post-harvest handling of pineapple

Pineapple: Harvesting, Handling and Storage

Pests of Pineapple and their Management     PDF

Pineapple recipes

Safe Pineapple Cultivation - 25.08.2014  Workshop Proceedings 

Profitable Pineapple cultivation

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Pineapple

Report of Training Programme on GAP, POPs and GHP in Pineapple 19 Feb 2016

Pineapple for healthy living

Evolution of Pineapple

Structure and dynamics of lease land farming in Kerala

Pineapple daily market price


Passion fruit                                 Vision 2050

All about Passion Fruit          Passion fruit resource book

Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) Passifloraceae    PDF

Passion Fruit Production Technology     PDF

Post-harvest handling of passion fruit

Passion Fruit: Harvesting, Handling and Storage 

Status and prospects of Passion Fruit Cultivation in Kerala    PDF

Status and Prospects of Passion Fruit Production and Processing

Passion fruit prospects in Kerala - PPT English

Passion fruit prospects in Kerala - PPT Malayalam

Diseases of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis): Pathogen, Symptoms, Infection, Spread & Management   PDF

Insect pests of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis): Hosts, damage, natural enemies and control       PDF

Passion fruit recipes

Blooming pattern of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis

Antimicrobial activity of pineapple and passion fruit juices      Poster

KSCSTE SRS on Evaluation of passion fruit types for commercial cultivation in Kerala 2012-15   Poster   MLT

Guidelines for 134P Passion fruit Multilocation testing

Economics of Passion Fruit Cultivation

Chemical characterization of different varieties of passion fruit



Pineapple Research Station (English)          2018 New

Pineapple Research Station (Malayalam)     2018 New

Pineapple (English)

Pineapple (Malayalam)  2017 New

Passion fruit (Malayalam)   2017 New

Pineapple recipes (Malayalam)

Passion fruit recipes (Malayalam)

Jack fruit recipes (Malayalam)

Fruit processing (Malayalam)

Lab Manuals




Food Technology

Information Technology

Annual Reports

2010-11,  2011-12,  2012-13,  2013-142011-14KSCSTE 2012-15, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17

Student Projects

Ashamol Salam. 2013. Passion Fruit Benefits, Processing, Preservation and Product Development

Seljo Thomas. 2014. Quality comparison of two pineapple fruit varieties and their products

Anisha M. Haridas. 2014.  Effect of potassium metabisulphite on the quality of passion fruit syrup

Athul Samson. 2015. Tropical fruit waste management through wine production

Muhammed Badusha MP. 2015. Effect of various preservation techniques on the quality of pineapple


Valuable Databases and References

KAU Stations, KVKs and Department Nurseries

Indian Horticulture Database 2009, 2013, 2014

Indian Horticultural Statistics 2015

Kerala Science Congress 2016

Kerala Farm Guide 20122014, 2015, 2016, 2017

GoK Diary 2015

KAU Thrust areas and Project bank 2015

KAU Package of Practices Recommendations: Crops

KAU Adhoc Package of Practices Recommendations for Organic Farming

Alternate Pesticide Recommendations

10th Dr. K.N. Shyamasundaran Nair Lecture by Sri T. Madhava Menon

Future of Indian Agriculture 

Learn from successful people

Corruption in India

Secrets of Nations

Success Tips For Learning, Career, Business, Life, Quotes, Plus

Plagiarism  1  2



Tropical Horticulture

Aromatic Plants

Handbook of Herbs and Spices

Insect Pests Management of Fruit Crops

Pineapple Resource Book

Passion fruit resource book 

New Book on Advances in Functional Foods for Human Health   3 Volume set Contents


Malayalam ...

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