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Passion fruits are processed into juices, which are sold either in single strength or as frozen concentrates. The passion fruit juice is also used in the production of cordials, alcoholic beverages, ice creams, and confectionery and mixed fruit blends.

Both purple and yellow passion fruits begin to lose moisture as soon as they fall and quickly become quite wrinkled if held under hot, dry conditions. Juice in these fruits is wholesome, but they are unsightly and thus unmarketable. Clean fruit can be stored in polyethylene bags at 10°C for as long as 3 weeks without loss.

Experimentally, wire netting strung on inclined frames beneath passion vines has been used to collect ripe fruit which falls and rolls forward to be gathered easily like eggs from a battery.

Fruit of the giant granadilla turns deep golden when fully ripe and may be picked for local consumption at this stage. Giant granadilla fruit to ship may be picked just as the area immediately surrounding the fruit's stem turns yellow. 

Post-harvest handling of passion fruit

Fruit Processing Technology

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