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Pineapple plants require heavy manuring. Application of 20 to 30 t/ha of cow dung / FYM / compost at the time of planting is essential for good yield. It can absorb nitrogen in the from of ammonia. Ammonium Sulphate, therefore, is the best fertilizer for it. It is recommended to give fertilizers at the rate of 8:4:8 g N:P2O5:K2O per plant per year. Nitrogen and potash should be applied in 6 split doses at bimonthly intervals, except during heavy rains. The first dose of fertiliser is given 2 months after planting. Entire phosphorus can be given at the time of planting. Application of fertilizer in rainfed areas has to be done when moisture is available. Sometimes zinc deficiency appears in pineapple which leads to a condition called Crookneck. Spraying of 0.5% zinc sulphate can prevent it.

Pineapple Nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies


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