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Passion fruit WhatsApp Group

Thu, 05/04/2018 - 9:38am -- prsvkm
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Announcement Issued by
Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam
Notification Reference No
Date of Notification
Thursday, April 5, 2018

Passion fruit WhatsApp Group

The Pineapple Research Station has created a Passion fruit WhatsApp group which can help the members to interact with specialists, solve queries and share their experiences. In order to become its member one only needs to give his WhatsApp number.

All the members, can follow the group rules and share their experience/constraints/problems on Passion fruit cultivation, handling, storage, processing, value addition, preservation, products, trade, export, waste management, etc. Kindly contribute relevant information and your valuable suggestions for the all-round comprehensive growth and development of the Passion fruit sector.  

Please visit the above Facebook page on Passion fruit   https://www.facebook.com/groups/2108448832720992/  which also contains all the relevant matters.

New aspirants are offered a Group chat invite to view or join the group as the maximum limit of 256 members is reached in the group. No more addition is possible without removing existing members or any one leaving. Earnest aspirants may wait in que, diligently seek for entry and join the Group as and when a member leaves/is removed by any Admin.  

Rules of Passion fruit Whatsapp Group

- No Greetings or Good Morning Messages  

- Post relevant serious passion fruit matters only  

- Respect others  

- Share your requirements with other members   

- Share only relevant issues concerning your  industry  

-  Encourage your fellow members to get connected  

-  Try and set a profile picture so other Members can know you better   

-  Any member offering products can send 1 offer maximum in a week   -

 No misuse of this group at any cost  

-  Any member not adhering to the above rules will be removed from the group. In case the member wants to rejoin, will be offered a Group chat invite to view or join the group.  

Please preserve the uniqueness and purity of the Group with utmost seriousness,  discuss only Passion Fruit matters, strictly follow the rules and maintain discipline.  

Any Admin/Member may start a new relevant Group if a situation warrants and responsibly maintain the group.  

Please oblige



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Pineapple Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Ernakulam Kerala 686670