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Fruit Processing Technology

Wed, 08/06/2016 - 11:31am -- prsvkm
Announcement Issued by
Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam
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Date of Notification
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fruit Processing Technology

Small-scale Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Products -UNIDO

Fruit and vegetable processing - FAO

Fruit and vegetable processing - FAO Agribusiness Handbook

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Medium Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit - Project Report

Processing of fresh-cut tropical fruits and vegetables

Technical Manual for Small-Scale Fruit Processors

 Drying and dehydration F&Vā€‹ā€‹

 Drying and dehydration of fruits and vegetables

 Drying fruits and vegetables 3rd edn

 Drying fruits and vegetables

 Fruit juice processing technology

 Fruit juice processing

 Fruit processing  

 GAP on horticultural production

 Guide to drying fruits and vegetables

 Handbook of fruits and fruit processing

 Preservation of fruit and vegetables

 Processing and drying of foods, vegetables and fruits

 Produce drying

 Small and medium scale fruit juice processing-FAO

 Trends in microwave related drying of fruits and vegetables



 Fruits, benefits, processing, preservation and pineapple recipes 

 Multiple uses of pineapple in food industries

 Harvesting and post-harvest handling of pineapple

 Pineapple post-harvest operations - FAO

 Canned pineapple products


Passion fruit

 Passion fruit

 Preservation of passion fruit juice

 Passion fruit juice small-scale manufactureā€‹ā€‹

 Post-harvest handling of passion fruit

 Passion fruit-postharvest care and market preparation

 Treatment of passion fruit juice by membrane process technology


Fruit Processing Technology Providers

9496245127   Dr. PB Pushpalatha, Kerala Agricultural University,  pushpalatha.pb@kau.in 

9446988872   Dr. KB Sheela, Kerala Agricultural University,  sheela.kb@kau.in 

9446529459   Dr. Meagle Joseph, Kerala Agricultural University,   meagle.joseph@kau.in

9447689466   Dr. Sudheer KP, Kerala Agricultural University,  pradeepkumar.t@kau.in 

9447301928   Dr. Jayan PR, Kerala Agricultural University,  jayan.pr@kau.in

91 4362 228155  IICPT, Pudukkottai Road, Thanjavur - 613 00

0821 251 7760  CFTRI, Mysore-570 020(link is external) (Phone)

9447379773    Sri. RK Panicker, Ernakulam, Freelance consultant, k_panicker@yahoo.com 

9947177559    Sri. Avarachan, Kavana, Muvattupuzha, Freelance consultant

9387095009    Sri. Suresh Mammen, VAFPCL (Jive), Muvattupuzha

More on Fruit Processing Technology Providers

Fruit Processing Companies

KAU Stations, KVKs and Department Nurseries

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