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The research centre undertakes basic and applied research and development activities in pineapple and other fruit crops of Kerala. The research and development projects are mainly in Participatory technology development (PTD) mode and funded by various agencies as KAU, State and central governments, ICAR, SHM, NHM, KSCSTE, etc. The station has taken up research in pineapple on various aspects like intercropping in rubber and coconut, plant spacing and density, organic and chemical fertilizer requirement etc. besides experiments on development of new varieties. The centre has developed scientific technology for the commercial cultivation of Kew and Mauritius varieties of pineapple, including pure cropping, intercropping in rubber and coconut plantations and in reclaimed paddy lands. Technology is also developed for organic production. Based on continuous surveillance and laboratory studies the station has identified the presence of pineapple mealy bug wilt associated (PMWA) virus in Vazhakulam area. Based on all the findings, this station has formulated the Package of Practices Recommendations for the popular varieties Mauritius and Kew and included in the KAU POP and all the technology developed are being transferred to the pineapple growers extensively. Tissue culture protocols for various varieties of pineapple, passion fruit and banana are available. Vazhakulam pineapple has been registered in the Geographical Indication Registry to boost the export of pineapple. The station is pursuing its User Registration. Participatory technology process and product development in association with sister institutions, Nadukkara Agro Processing Co. Ltd. and Pineapple Farmers' Association for the stake holders is a steady and continuing process at the centre. The station has already produced and sold more than 100000 Tissue Culture pineapple plants and 30000 passion fruit seedlings. Large scale tissue culture production of banana has been started. Pineapple Research Station launched its own website (www.kau.edu/prsvkm) as a subsite under the Kerala Agricultural University main site in June 2010. The website of the station is regularly updated with more relevant and useful information for the public facilitating free download of the publications of the centre.

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Pineapple Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Ernakulam Kerala 686670